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Cohesive bandage


For an outdoor outing, it is always advisable to provide a first aid kit to deal with emergency situations. This cohesive self-adhesive bandage is part of the elements to be integrated into its survival kit.

Here's something you can use for injuries: sprains, scratches, and cuts. It is also practical for blisters, small sores, closing a wound or holding compresses or bandages.

Made of high precision material, this cohesive self-adhesive bandage is made from high-quality porous fabric that provides good ventilation. The skin can thus be in complete contact with the air, which facilitates the evaporation of sweat and moisture. Very light and safe, this bandage offers great comfort to the wearer.

The cohesive property of the bandage means that it adheres very well to itself, but badly to other surfaces such as skin or hair. This is very useful in case you want to remove the bandage and do not want to feel the pain due to the adhesive bandage.

It is a strong, self-adhesive tape that provides excellent support. It will not slip, eliminating the need for frequent readjustments. Unlike other bandages, this self-adhesive tape does not require clips or pins to stay in place. In addition, its size can exceed 200% and improve dressing effectiveness, which is excellent for sustained compression.

Features :
Materials: Nonwoven
Type : bandage
Colors: black, blue, khaki, white, pink
Advantages :
Self-adhesive bandage
Breathable and easy to use

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