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11L Water tank bag


Camping, hiking or going out in nature, this water tank bag allows you to wash and clean your accessories.

This water tank bag is a tool you can use when camping, hiking or even cleaning your car. Its principle is simple: it is an equipment designed to transport a sufficiently large volume of water over a medium or long distance. The water thus conveyed can be sprayed at a fairly high pressure, as with a tap or a low power booster.

The device includes a water tank that can hold up to 11 liters of fluid. A small pressure diffuser kit is attached to the base. This mechanism is connected to a relatively short garden hose, but sufficient to make an improvised shower or garden watering device.

Ease, comfort and pressure are the first advantages you get with this water tank bag. This material is designed with PVC, a material that supports heavy loads and resists erosion, shocks and other external shocks. This material is also ecological and does not affect the mineralogical composition of the water.

The cylindrical water tank bag measures 20 cm in diameter and 46 cm high. It can be folded when you want to store it. This accessory is portable, you can place it in your luggage, provided you have a bag with a capacity greater than 30 L.

Features :
Product: water tank bag
Material PVC:
Capacity: 11 litres

Advantages :
Easy to handle
Waterproof and robust

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