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10 in 1 Multifunctional Survival Kit


For your hikes in the middle of nature, why bother with several accessories when your luggage is already heavy enough? This 10 in 1 Survival Kit will allow you to lighten your belongings in order to enjoy your stays in complete peace of mind.


Don't be fooled by its appearance, this 10 in 1 Multifunctional Survival Kit is not as heavy as it looks, it is extremely light and fits perfectly in your bag. It has been assembled by experts to make this survival kit the most intelligent and compact of its kind.


This Multifunctional Kit is designed to reduce the fear of being unprepared when travelling or travelling, especially in remote areas. All the equipment essential to your survival is stored and meticulously classified in a compact and waterproof box. If you need to leave in an emergency, just take the box on board and you are guaranteed to be armed for all eventualities.


This ready-to-use Multifunctional Traveling Emergency Survival Kit includes all the tools and equipment needed to repair, caulk, cut or tinker with any material. The package includes a distress lamp, a portable flashlight, a compass, a Swiss army knife, a glass breaker tip, an adhesive tape and even a slingshot.


Keep this Survival Kit close at hand and be assured that you will be able to survive all emergencies with simple but reliable tools.



  • Self-Defense: Pen
  • Tactical: flashlight
  • Light Key: Ring
  • High Frequency :Whistle
  • Size: 170 * 105 * 50mm
  • Net weight: 390g
  • Advantages : Robust equipment

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