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11 in 1 Survival Kit


An emergency situation always occurs at times when you don't expect it. That's why this 11 in 1 Survival Kit is a must-have not only for hiking enthusiasts, but also for any adventurer who loves to travel.

This 11 in 1 Survival Kit is specially designed by professionals to help campers in an emergency. Every element in it is extremely important to you when you get lost in the forest or in the mountains. No need to carry many useless accessories, this little case already contains everything you need for your hike.

The case is extremely robust, it is able to withstand a significant drop from a height or a collision. It is completely waterproof and does not allow water or dust to pass through in order to put the accessories in complete safety. 

The case has been padded with impact-resistant foam to protect all tools and equipment. You will find a compass, a sturdy cord, a bottle opener, a military grade Swiss Army knife, an icebreaker, a flashlight, emergency gauze and plasters and a distress beacon. 

This Survival Kit is a wonderful gift for hiking enthusiasts, hunters and the military. It is incredibly light and compact, it fits perfectly in your luggage. No matter how long you spend in the forest, this 11 in 1 kit would be your best asset to survive. It is quite small and can be worn anywhere.



  • Dimensions: 16.8 * 11 * 11 * 5 cm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Advantages : Ergonomic survival kit
  • Condition:Brand New

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