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Emergencies always strike at the most unexpected moment. This 11-tool survival box helps you deal with them in the best possible conditions.

No one is immune from an accident, a breakdown or any series of dramatic events leading to isolation in a place far from any civilization. When this happens, those who have this 11-tool survival box will be better off than the others.

This 11-tool survival kit contains several very practical tools and equipment for anyone who might unexpectedly find themselves in an emergency situation. They can also be beneficial during your trip hiking, camping and especially for all activities in the heart of nature. The tools in this survival box each have a specific purpose.

Broke down in a cold and isolated place? Protect yourself from the risk of hypothermia with the emergency cover included in this box. Do you have to hunt, chop wood or drill through a hard object in the middle of nowhere? The military knife in this box will do the trick.

Other tools, such as the metal band saw, tactical pen, multi-function metal card - both

bottle opener, can opener, ruler and direction indicator -, compass, whistle, flashlight and mini hand lamp are part of the package.

With such equipment in a sealed and waterproof box, you don't worry about being isolated when hiking or on a trip that has gone wrong.

Features :


Dimension : 16.8 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm


Weight : 0.5 kg


Content :

- Tactical pen
- Survival knife
- Clip for water bottle
- Flashlight
- Whistle
- Mini lamp
- Metal saw
- Card knife
- Emergency cover
- Compass
- Waterproof box

Advantages :

- Military-grade equipment
- Robust and elegant

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