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180 ml Metal cup with snap hook


When camping, each storage volume of the bag is crucial. Might as well save a maximum and use materials, like this metal cup with snap hook.

This metallic cup has a simplistic shape and design. No embellishments in its contours nor in its patterns. This is a simple 250 mL metal cup, strong enough to withstand knocks, falls, corrosion and other common camping incidents. The body and the entire assembly are made of finely polished stainless steel. You will have no trouble cleaning and using it while camping or trekking.

The special feature of this model lies in the design of its handle. As its name suggests, this cup has a snap hook wrist with automatic locking. This carabiner handle is made of double layer stainless steel, to maximize its resistance.

This metal cup with snap hook does not need to be stored with your other belongings in the bag. Simply hang it, using its very special handle, to your belt or to the ropes of your bag. Its thick wall makes it suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

Its special locking system ensures that it attaches securely to your bag or belt as soon as you use the carabiner. This cup is very practical for all outdoor activities - camping, trekking, climbing, hiking, etc. - and even indoors.

Features :

Product : Cup
Material: Stainless steel
Volume: 250 mL
Handle: Snap hook

Advantages :

Easy to transport

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