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Stainless steel water bottle 700ml


Do you like running, cycling or hiking in the mountains? Whatever your sporting activity, this bottle for water is able to keep all the purity of your water.

This water bottle is made of high quality stainless steel using a vacuum insulation technique. The latter provides maximum temperature retention, so that your drink remains cold throughout the training or competition. This is why it is perfectly able to keep your drink fresh even in the middle of summer. This product has even passed quality tests successfully.

This stainless steel water bottle has an anti-corrosion coating that is 4 times more durable and chip resistant. It is perfect to avoid any kind of clumsiness you might make during your exercises. In addition, any type of person is able to use it, the opening is easy to lift with one hand. The same applies to filling, simply unscrew the cover.

In addition, this bottle is available in several colours so that it can be perfectly combined with your outfit. In addition, it is designed in accordance with ecological standards, i.e. it has no negative effects on the environment. Compared to other models, it is lighter, more practical and easy to carry. The amount of water it can contain is totally sufficient to satisfy you during your exercise.

Features :
- Material: stainless steel
- Capacity: 700ml
- Thermal insulation performance
- Ecological characteristic
- Anti-corrosion coating

Advantages :
- Design bottle
- Anti-corrosion

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