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Tactical LED flashlight + Waterproof bicycle torch


For your next bike or hiking outings, equip yourself properly, especially when it comes to lighting. This tactical LED flashlight and waterproof bicycle torch set will be very useful when travelling.

Before, flashlights were bulky, bulky and quite heavy. But this was before. This duo of a tactical LED flashlight and a waterproof bicycle torch is a modern, lightweight and reliable portable lighting system for all circumstances. These two lamps are smaller, compact, robust, waterproof and offer quality lighting.

Their body is made of durable, first-class aluminium, which provides impact and corrosion resistance. The light point is carefully protected by the lamp structure. This way, even if you fall, you won't end up in the dark: this lamp is designed for the most extreme uses. These products guarantee you the longest continuous use time (9 hours).

These flashlights produce 3800 lumens of light, which is a sufficiently powerful and homogeneous luminous flux to give you optimal visibility even in the dark. They have three operating modes: high brightness, low brightness and strobe. Waterproof, they remain reliable regardless of outdoor conditions. You can fully use them even in heavy rain.

Features and characteristics

Lighting distance: 200-500 m.
LED bead model: T6.
Zoom: Yes.
Switching mode: High/Medium/Low.
Color: White.
Battery type: AA, AAA, 18650, Direct charging
Certification: CCC, CE, EMC
Power: 10 W
Focal length: adjustable
Charger: Rechargeable
Material type: Flashlights

Advantages :

- Powerful lamps
- Good lighting quality

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