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POCKETMAN Zoomable Tactical Flashlight


A good tactical zoomable flashlight, like this model from POCKETMAN, is an important element to have in the dark. Its intense lighting, compactness and waterproofing are its main qualities.

In the dark, especially in the middle of nature, having powerful and reliable lighting in all circumstances is the basis. Such a tool provides optimal visibility and therefore makes it possible to move safely at night. This zoomable tactical flashlight meets these criteria. With its aluminium structure, it offers high resistance to impact and corrosion. Its body is also waterproof. You can use this device even in heavy rain for several hours.

Its textured, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip and reduces the risk of accidental falls or slips.
This tactical flashlight belongs to the large family of zoomable torches. In other words, you can change the lighting to a concentrated beam of light or a wide and very bright halo according to your needs.

High performance LEDs give this POCKETMAN torch a powerful and bright light that can be focused by moving the torch head in and out.
The lighting produced by this tactical LED lamp is of excellent colour temperature. This torch is the favorite of hikers, campers, dog walkers and safe workers. Thanks to its mini size, you can store it in your pocket, purse and security kit. It is not only useful for campsites, but also in case of emergency or power failure.

Features :

  • Brand: POCKETMAN
  • Lighting distance: 500 meters
  • Lumen: 2000
  • Bead model: LED Q5
  • Switching mode: High/Medium/Low
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 14500, AA
  • Certification: CE, CCC
  • Power: 7w
  • Focal length: adjustable
  • Material type: Flashlights

Advantages :

  • Powerful lamp
  • Waterproof and robust

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