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Survival Bracelet


When hiking in the wild, it is always important to have a rope when needed. This first aid bracelet is a real survival kit on its own. It consists of a string, a whistle and a blade inserted in the closure clip.

Once enrolled, this accessory offers a 3-meter long rope, enough to attach all your camping equipment. Braided in high-quality nylon, it follows the military standard and offers the same strength as parachute cords. It is advisable to wear this first aid bracelet during all your hiking activities such as camping, hiking and even climbing.

The whistle of this emergency bracelet is powerful, it is placed on the buckle so you can blow without removing the accessory from your wrist. It produces a perfectly audible sound at several tens of meters, you can use it to call for help or as a warning. If you are lost or isolated in a place, the whistle may well save your life.

The blade of this emergency bracelet is also inserted into the locking clip. You just need to open it to be able to remove it and use it quickly. The blade was forged from a metal strong enough to make small cuts in wood or to cut the rope.

Features :
Material: Parachute Cord
Style: General for men and women
The composition of the product: Parachute cord, whistle...
Field of application: outdoor excursion, field expedition and outdoor recreation.

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