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Camping storage bag


Want to go hiking or camping in the middle of nature? If you like to travel light, this camping storage bag is for you.

This pack of camping storage bag contains 5 pieces with identical design, but different sizes. It is a model with an easily recognizable style, with a single opening leading to a unique vase pocket style compartment. The closure is a knotted strap that also acts as a transport strap. Simply tighten the knot to lock the vase pocket and extend the strap at the same time.

This camping storage bag is not intended to be the main bag when camping or trekking. On the other hand, you can perfectly place things there that you do not want to mix with other effects in your backpack. It is therefore above all an organizing bag, an auxiliary storage accessory for campers and travelers.

If you go hunting or fishing, this waterproof nylon and PE bag will be perfect to insulate your fishing gear or some of your catch. You can also use it to separate your dirty clothes from other clean items in your backpack. You can choose between 5 bag sizes in the same batch: XS, S, M, L and XL.
Features :
Article : Storage bag
Material: Nylon
Model: XS, S, M, L, XL

Advantages :

Easy to use bag

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