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Alert whistle


With every adventure, there is the risk of getting lost. That's why we want to make sure you have the right equipment to deal with this type of eventuality. In an emergency situation, it is sometimes enough to make a noise to attract the attention of others and be rescued. This super powerful whistle will surely help you in your call for help or to help the rescuers to find you.

With its double hole and a tubular design, this survival whistle allows you to be heard from a distance of several hundred meters! With decibel levels of up to 150 decibels, this accessory is essentially stronger than a thunderclap or a semi-trailer air horn.

Available in black or grey, this whistle has a double tube design to provide a strong and clear sound. Thanks to the design which allows a maximum airflow, it is easy to blow and allows to obtain a clear and audible sound. Perfect size to attach to a keychain or backpack for any emergency situation, this survival whistle can stay with you at all times and in any environment.

You can never predict when you will be in need or in a state of emergency, so get ready this summer and plan for the unexpected.

Features :
Easy to whistle
150 dB
Double-hole tube design
High quality stainless steel
Key ring


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