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Multi-function survival watch


Hiking or camping in a wilderness environment also means facing possible difficult situations. To avoid losing yourself or being in danger, it is always advisable to have survival tools such as this multifunction watch on hand.

Perfect for all your outdoor activities like camping, climbing and even hunting, this multi-function watch is a complete survival equipment on its own. It comes with a compass, easy to read, to help you find your way through the forest.

The strap hides a braided paracord which can extend over 3.5 meters. This rope is strong enough for different uses such as hanging your tent or making a tourniquet in case of injury. It is also possible to attach your belongings to a branch to protect them against attacks from wild animals. It is advisable to learn how to make the braids of this paracord so that you can prepare it yourself after using it, tutorials for this purpose are available on the internet.

Inserted in the closure clip, a blade sharp enough to cut a paracord or to make notches in a tree. The base of the latter, when rubbed against a wick or other metal, creates sparks to start a fire.

Features :
Dial diameter: 40 mm
Belt width: 20 mm
Band length: 24 cm
Watch Face : Glass
Movement: Quartz


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