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Snap hook bottle holder


We all know how important it is to always have a bottle of water with you when camping or hiking. But sometimes it gets really hard to find a place for him in our backpack. Indeed, the bottle can occupy a lot of space, even be bulky, if one has only a small bag. For this type of case, this bottle holder represents an effective solution.

Here's a product you won't be able to part with during all your outdoor activities. This bottle holder, you can keep your hands free to concentrate on your adventure while keeping the water nearby. Its use will also prevent the contents of the bottle from spilling into your bag due to the pressure exerted by your back on it.

Our that this accessory can perfectly adapt to different sizes of bottles. It can be attached to your bag or to one of your belt holders using a carabiner. It is thus possible to replace and remove it easily, and those in only a few seconds.

The water bottle being well fixed to your backpack, you can leave serenely in your favorite activity whether it is hiking or camping. The use of this bottle holder is also possible for climbing enthusiasts and extreme sportsmen.

Features :
Type : Snap hook bottle holder
Color: Blue, Black, Green, Silver, Purple
Size: 13 x 3 cm

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