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Portable solar panel with USB plug


That's it! That's it! Never again will you run out of batteries. You can now load it wherever you are.

This foldable solar panel with USB plug is an ideal gift for a camping or hiking enthusiast. When folded, it is no bigger than a postcard. To make it easier to transport, it is equipped with a strap that can be adjusted according to the size of your hand. In addition, it is equipped with snap hooks to hang it anywhere.

Made of quality materials, this portable solar panel can be particularly adapted to any climatic condition. Indeed, it is perfectly resistant to rain and dust. The plates are attached to each other using an extremely strong fabric. In addition, by imitating the shape of a portfolio, it offers a more classy look to its wearer.

You can charge your smartphone perfectly even when walking because this folding panel has a small pocket to put your phone in. It can be easily connected to your phone using a USB cable. Even at low light levels, it is able to provide the electrical energy needed to power your device.

Features :
- Solar panel type.
- Power 6 W
- Model number 5V / 1A / 7W
- Rated capacity 7 W
- Number of cells 1
- Number of panels 3.
- Size: 6.7 * 3.9 inches / 170 * 100 mm (closed)
- Sealed material
- Low light level 38000-40000 Lux

Advantages :
- Space-saving solar panel
- Light and solid equipment

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