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Emergency urine bag


When traveling or camping, you don't always have to stop or do your business everywhere. This emergency urine bag works like a portable urinal, very practical in all circumstances.

Not everyone is a fan of urinating in the wild. And even for those who don't mind, circumstances may not allow it. Hence the interest of this disposable urine bag, an accessory designed primarily for campers, but very practical for everyone. The applications of this bag are numerous: in public transport, in the car, in a crowded place or in any other place where you cannot do your business in an ordinary toilet.

This emergency urine bag is named after him. It is an emergency accessory only and in fact offers a rather limited level of comfort and ergonomics. This model is unisex. Beyond its flat appearance, this bag has a relatively large opening when you press on both sides. You will have no trouble getting your urine in any position.

This disposable urine bag is completely waterproof. Most importantly, it has a special material that absorbs urine, which solidifies in minutes. After use, you can store it in another bag or carry it safely to a discharge area or toilet. Its upper side is equipped with an automatic closing mechanism. Simply lightly press the head of the bag to activate this safety device. You do not risk overflows and leaks.

Features :

Product: disposable urine bag
Material: waterproof plastic

Advantages :

Very practical when travelling
Easy to use

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