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Survival Kit


Because you have a keen sense of security, you will appreciate what this survival kit offers containing the essential tools you need most in nature. Be prepared for anything and always have with you what is necessary to survive your wilderness adventures!

This survival kit contains a whole panel of tools which are protected by an anti-shock sponge and a silicone gasket. With a waterproof and impact-resistant shell, the case keeps them dry and safe.

This set of accessories is suitable for all your outdoor activities, whether camping or hiking. It is first equipped with a hand saw to allow you to cut branches or tree trunks to build a shelter in the forest. Then, the sharp foldable knife, capable of cutting meat for your lunch. You can also use it to cut fabric or part of your clothes in case of injury.

This survival kit also contains a compass and a whistle, equipment necessary to orient yourself properly in the forest. The whistle is powerful, it will mainly serve you to call for help so that we can find you if you ever get lost.

Finally, you will find other practical tools such as the bottle opener, the corkscrew, a multi-function pliers and even a flashlight. Something to make your life easier during your wilderness expedition.

Features :
Element Type: Survival Tools
Material: Stainless steel, plastic
Size: 80 x 120 mm
Weight: 0.21 kg
Features: survival kit, multi-tool tools,

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