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Portable urinal for women


No one is immune to a sudden urge to relieve themselves while traveling. For a woman, the problem of intimacy often arises. This portable urinal for women is the solution.

Ease, simplicity and comfort are the first advantages you get from this urinal for women. This accessory allows you to relieve yourself in nature without having to drop your pants or skirt and expose your body to everyone's view.

Made of silicone, this accessory has many advantages. Its design allows you to urinate like a man, either standing, thanks to a clever spout that perfectly fits the shape of your pubis. Simply open your fly or drop your skirt a little, then stick this woman's urinal on your pubis.

This portable urinal for women measures 15 cm long. The beak is also long and narrow enough to avoid any risk of leakage or infiltration when it is placed at the public level.

This portable urinal is ideal for camping and going out in nature, you no longer need to hide in the bush to relieve yourself.

Small, light and easy to carry, you can carry it in a special bag. With great flexibility, you can fold this urinal before inserting it into its packaging.

Features :
Product : Urinoir for women
Model Number: JJ2604-01
Material: Silicone
Color: purple, pink, orange

Advantages :
Very practical for hiking
Easy to use

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