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Anti-UV camouflage camping tent


Are you tired of tents that are difficult to set up? This camouflage colour tent model will surely give you back your love of camping. In addition, it stands out with its anti-UV property.

This camping tent is characterized by its interior covered with aluminum foil. The latter is a thin barrier that protects you from any type of radiation or ultraviolet light. It is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people and offers exceptional comfort. With its camouflage color, you will certainly go unnoticed in the forest and fully enjoy your privacy.

This UV camouflage tent is easy to carry. It takes up very little space in the trunk of your car and, in addition, it is very light. It is equipped with a carrying bag with a wrist that you can easily carry it with. It folds and unfolds easily thanks to its extremely flexible harnesses. The latter are equipped with pointed posts that securely attach it to the ground.

No need to wait until the weather is fine to go camping, this camouflaged camping tent is rain and wind proof. In addition, it is totally waterproof. Each corner is perfectly airtight, avoiding draughts from the inlet. This tent will keep you warm on cool autumn evenings and protect you from the surrounding heat in summer. Its entrance is protected by an ultra-resistant zipper, combined with a quality mosquito net.

Features :

- Material: Polyester
- Fiberglass pole material
- Outdoor tent Waterproof index 1000-1500 mm

Advantages :

- Easy to deploy tent
- Robust and robust

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