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Heated water bag


You wish to camp in nature, but you want to have a little comfort when you take your shower? The Winmax brand brings you the solution, the heated water bag.

The water heating bag is the best solution to your sanitary problem when you go out in nature. Thanks to this wonder, you will no longer have to take a cold shower, because this instrument offers you hot water.

This bag is designed to hold 20 litres of water, ideal for showering. It is equipped with a PVC fabric, which gives it a heating characteristic. This fabric has sufficient strength to contain the mass and pressure of the water. Moreover, it automatically heats the latter thanks to the impact of the sun. Simply load the bag and let it warm up for about 3 hours. The temperature of the liquid may vary depending on the pause time. However, this bag can withstand temperatures up to 50°C.

This heated shower bag has a small garden hose. You can hang it on a high stand to make it easier to use. Simply open the valve and you will enjoy a comfortable shower.

Easy to carry, you can store this shower bag in your things before or after use. The advantage is that it is not cumbersome, without forgetting its waterproofness to any test.

Features :
Article : Heated water bag
Brand: Winmax
Model #: 20170728-Y8 1707282
Material: PVC
Equipment : Opening valve, garden hose
Capacity: 20 litres

Advantages :

Heated water bag
Waterproof and space-saving

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