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Compass Multifunction 10 in 1 Survival


Every outdoor travel enthusiast always brings a few survival tools into his arsenal. This 10 in 1 multifunction compass must be one of them.

Bring a compass in the era of GPS and smartphones? The idea seems crazy, but it is of crucial logic. GPS and other state-of-the-art devices depend on network or satellite coverage and can fail at any time. On the other hand, this 10 in 1 multifunction compass will always remain operational and reliable, regardless of outdoor conditions.

Thanks to its robust housing, this device is shock, moisture and heat resistant. Its compact dimensions - 75 x 40 x 25 mm - make it a portable and space-saving device. You will have no trouble storing it in your bag or even in your pocket.

This compass in military colours also offers several features. In addition to indicating the direction to follow, it also acts as a measuring tool, a mirror, an LED lamp, a magnifying glass, a hygrometer, a thermometer and even a magnesium bar, to light a fire in the middle of nowhere. And if you ever need to call for help, this 10 in 1 compass has a whistle function that can be heard within a radius of several hundred meters.

All these features will be very useful if you ever want to venture into an isolated area, away from any satellite or network coverage. With this compass, go on an adventure without fear of losing sight of your destination.


Features :

Product: compass
Type: multifunctional
Style: Military
LED: FY0588

Advantages :

- Multi-purpose compass
- Solid housing

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