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Waterproof and USB rechargeable Tactical flashlight


Whether you are a firefighter, police officer, hunter or others, a flashlight is always displayed in the list of tools you must have at all times at night. This tactical flashlight is therefore a must have, in addition, it has several options that make it unique.
This flashlight has ten times more powerful lighting than the standard models. Indeed, it produces lighting with a power of 10 W, capable of illuminating correctly within a radius of 500 m. This is the kind of equipment that a good security guard must have if he wants to illuminate any suspicious movement on the horizon. Also, if you are a hiking enthusiast or a lover of camping in the middle of nature, this lamp will be very useful during your night outings.

This rechargeable flashlight is made of impact-resistant aluminum alloy, thanks to this option, it can be used as a defense object. Especially since it is equipped with two lighting zones each equipped with a super powerful LED bulb. The latter is available in three different colours: red, blue or white.

Its main advantage is that this tactical lamp can be easily charged by a power bank or laptop computer via a USB port. Moreover, if you ever drop it in the water by accident, don't worry, as it is perfectly waterproof. The lighting is fully adjustable according to your needs, between a concentrated light beam capable of reaching a long distance, or a wider, but intense light over a short distance.

Features :
Ultra bright YAGE tactical flashlight. High power rechargeable USB LED flashlight.
- Article type Flashlights.
- EMC, UL, CCC certification.
- Body material Aluminium alloy.
- Rechargeable Charger.
- Color Black.
- Self-defense function, shock-resistant, hard light, power bank.
- Lighting distance 200-500 m.
- Model of LED beads T6.
- Battery type AAA, 18650, Lithium Ion, USB charge.
- Lumen 1000.
- Power consumption 10W.
- Waterproof Yes.
- Brand name YAGE.
- Switching mode High/Medium

Advantages :

- Powerful tactical lamp
- Robust and waterproof tool

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