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Large capacity camping bag


This large capacity camping bag is designed for adventurers who want to do everything they can to get away from it all. Despite its size, this backpack is very comfortable.

The DIDA Bear brand has shaped this bag to make it easy to wear in all configurations. True to this principle, the sign has opted for a robust, thick and ultra-resistant fabric for the main body of the bag. The interior has a simplistic layout, but very practical for frequent travelers.

This large capacity camping bag offers a main compartment, accessible directly from the opening in the vase pocket. Some inside pockets have been sewn to store some essential documents. The bag closure is a reinforced hasp.

The manufacturer has limited seams and seams on this large canvas camping bag to a minimum. This choice of design reduces the areas of tension and flexion and at the same time reduces the risk of tearing.

The bag's handle configuration is fully adjustable according to your needs. The basic style logically refers to a backpack, arched shoulder straps to optimize comfort. You can also use relatively long handles as shoulder straps when the bag is empty or half empty.

Features :

Products: Large capacity camping bag
Brand: DIDA Bear
Material: Canvas
Dimensions: 26 x 45 x 20 cm / 30 x 55 x 20 cm
Opening: Vase pocket
Closing: Moraillon
Volume: 20/35 L

Advantages :

Very sturdy bag

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