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Kitchen utensil for hiking


Need accessories to prepare your meals while hiking or camping? The brand WIDESEA proposes this versatile kitchen utensil, which can assume the roles of a pan, a pot, a pot and a plate at the same time.

This cooking utensil for hiking is a tool that you must have when you go out in nature. The unit offers a maximum capacity of 1 L, which must be divided in two in full use. This material actually turns into two separate utensils when you remove it from the bag.

On one side, you get a deep, hollow bottom pot, ideal for cooking water or a little soup. The other part - the lid - is flat enough to play the role of a pan or plate in the wild. The two parts fit together perfectly and can be separated after cooking.

The foldable handle splits in two when stored. Its curves marry the roundness of the pot at rest. In full use, the handle is split into two parts that meet to form a handle protected by a layer of food silicone. This sleeve protects the user against the risk of burns.

This cooking utensil for hiking is very light and not cumbersome, it will not bother you on the way. In addition, this kitchen tool is packed in a special bag, a storage accessory that allows you to safely store it in your backpack.

Features :
Product: kitchen utensil for hiking
Brand: Widesea
Material: aluminium alloy
Capacity: 1 litre
Handle cover: silicone

Advantages :
2 in 1 utensil

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