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Cutlery for picnic


In order not to weigh down when camping or picnicking, it is necessary to carry light and less cumbersome cutlery with you. This fork, spoon, and chopsticks set seem to be the best alternative in this kind of case.

This set is made of ABS plastic, guaranteeing its solidity and robustness. The YYEDC brand hopes to offer a durable product with a long service life by marketing this picnic cutlery. No fear that the elements of this set will break due to improper handling. It is important to know that all manufacturing processes on the latter respect ecological standards. In addition, the materials have been specially selected so that you can use hygienic and non-toxic utensils.

Each utensil of this cutlery is removable and detachable from their handlers. Thanks to this, they can be placed in a small box specially dedicated to their storage. This last is rather small and not cumbersome, it will easily find its place in your backpack.

Unlike other plastic cutlery, the spoon in this set has been designed in a hollow design. This is done in order to improve user comfort. The thicker handles are easier to grip, you'll feel like you're using your classic cutlery. Also, be aware that utensils are not disposable. You can reuse them whenever you plan to go out for picnics, camping or hiking.

Features :
Product: picnic cover
Brand: YYEDC
Material: ABS plastic
Composition: fork, spoon, baguettes

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