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Mini Alcohol Lamp


Lighting is one of the most important things about camping. As you know, there is no electric current in a wild environment, it becomes necessary to go through portable accessories including this Mini Alcohol Lamp.

Particularly easy to handle, this Mini Alcohol Lamp can be used in many ways and simplify your life in nature. As far as the lighting is concerned, you can switch it on perfectly in your tent as well as outside. The use of this small device reduces the risk of accidents since it only uses a tiny amount of alcohol. Also, note that this Mini Alcohol Lamp does not go out easily in contact with the wind. Unlike the simple candle, it can effectively light you at night when you are outside your tent.

This Mini Alcohol Lamp can also be used as a warming plate. If you can't afford to light a wood fire, you can simply pass your cans over the flame of this accessory to heat them up. This feature makes this Mini Alcohol Lamp a tool that can be useful in research laboratories.

Made of high-quality metal, this Mini Alcohol Lamp is rust and corrosion resistant. Its use is particularly intended outside, you will not be able anymore to do without it during all your periods of camp-site.

Features :
Material: metal
Color: gold, silver
Size: 4.5 X 2.6 cm

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