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Inflatable pillows NATUREHIKE


Falling asleep anywhere is not a problem, waking up with a stiff neck or a delicious headache will be. These NATUREHIKE inflatable pillows are sure to help you cool off and eliminate discomfort.

These NATUREHIKE pillows are made of stretchy fabrics and moisture-wicking cotton. You don't need to make a lot of effort to fill them with air: this model has a mechanism that allows the pillow to fill with air automatically. All you have to do is take it out of its bag, unroll it, then expose its small automatic inflation tab. In less than 70 seconds, you have a pillow that is full and soft as it should be, ready to accommodate your exhausted head and neck.

Each travel pillow of this model comes with a string bag for storage after use. This hiking and trekking equipment is available in three different colours. You can choose between blue, green and orange. And thanks to its foldable nature, this pillow is easy to carry and store in your travel bag.

This NATUREHIKE brand product ensures you a restful sleep, wherever you are. This pillow is also suitable for neck and lumbar support when travelling and working. It can also be used as a seat and rest cushion in the office.

Features :

  • Inflation mode: external inflation. 
  • Inflation type: automatic
  • Protection: against humidity 
  • Brand name: NATUREHIKE
  • Material: Stretch fabric + Cotton

Advantages :

  • Easy to inflate pillow 
  • Comfortable

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