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Stainless steel water bottle 500ml


Have you ever had the feeling of drinking cool water during hot periods or drinking hot water during freezing cold? With this water bottle, you have the opportunity to do both and at any time thanks to its unique feature.

This bottle of water is quite unique in its kind, it is able to keep the temperature of a drink constant. Indeed, not only is it made from high quality stainless steel, but it is also equipped with thermal insulation technology. As a result, it is able to keep all the freshness of the water it contains, it has no smell or taste.

Compared to other models with the same characteristics, this stainless steel water bottle is distinguished by its high class, it combines both an elegant and classic look. It is perfect for any look. In addition, in order for it to perfectly match the colour that displays your personality, it is available in several colours.

This water bottle is equipped with an anti-corrosion coating, it is able to resist shocks and scratches. In addition, boiling water has no effect on this product. In addition, it is perfectly hermetic, it has no water leakage at the lid. This keeps your documents safe in case you place them on your desk.

Features :
- Beverage type water bottles
- Shape with tea infuser
- Method for direct drinking water flow
- Thermal insulation performance
- Anti-corrosion coating equipped.

Advantages :

- Elegant bottle
- Robust and corrosion-resistant

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