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Portable lamp


For your projects of exit in full nature, carry this portable lamp: it will be your principal lighting the night come.

Hiking, trekking, and camping are synonymous with communion with nature. This does not mean that you should not take anything with you on these outings. A minimum of equipment, such as this portable lamp, is always necessary. This light source is very practical in many ways. It is the work of the Sanyi brand, a brand specializing in the creation of autonomous, portable and compact lighting for travelers and adventurers.

The housing of this portable LED lamp is made of high quality plastic. This accessory is very robust and shock resistant. This lamp uses COB LED technology, a recent more ecological variant with comparable power. It is also easy to use: it is powered by 3 AAA batteries, these energy sources being sufficient to guarantee an autonomy of several hours.

This lamp does not have an activation button. It lights up automatically when you open the lighting part. It is equipped with a retractable handle which facilitates its carrying and its hanging on a tree or on a branch.
This LED lamp produces a clean, pure white light for 5 hours. Its power and beams also cover a relatively wide area. In addition to your tent, you can light an area of 2 to 4 m² around.

Features :
Article: Portable lamp
Brand: Sanyi
Model Number: WY8043
Material: plastic
Technology: COB LED
Color: black
Certification: Emc, CQC, CCC, Fcc, CE

Advantages :
Ecological lamp
Long autonomy

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