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2 in 1 Spoon and Fork


Do you know the word "spork"? You will soon discover it with this 2 in 1 spoon and fork.

For your campings or your excursions in full nature, this cover "spork" will be of a great utility to you. This cover allows you to lighten your luggage and to bring the strict minimum during your escapades in the middle of nature.

The concept of this 2 in 1 spoon and fork is simple. It is a stainless steel cutlery, but with two heads. The first end acts as a spoon, with the bowl and hollow characteristics. The other end is an authentic fork, with its easily recognizable peaks. The idea is to combine the functions of two very different utensils on a single cutlery. In the middle of nature, in the mountains, or in the forest, such an accessory is always useful to eat healthily and comfortably.
This 2 in 1 spoon and fork cover has a beautiful titanium finish. This small detail reinforces a little more the impression of robustness and solidity that it gives at first glance.

This cover is very light: it weighs only 25 grams. It measures 165 mm long, a size that facilitates handling. Easy to clean, this accessory is totally designed for outdoor use.

Now you know "spork", which is none other than the contraction of two English names, spoon and fork, which mean spoon and fork respectively. This accessory, therefore, bears its name very well.

Features :
Product: spork cover
Mark: Field cycle
Material: titanium
Type : spoon fork
Capacity: 0,25 l

Advantages :
Covered two in one
Very practical

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