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Digital Geological Compass


If you like hiking and getting out of the gate, you need a good compass. This KINSMIRAT digital geological compass is just what you need.

You have probably used your smartphone's GPS to locate yourself more than once. However, when you are too far away, your electronic devices may lose their signal or fail in other ways. Don't get lost in the middle of nature and choose this digital geological compass.

It is a military-style compass made of impact-resistant materials. Thanks to its waterproofness and robustness, it is able to survive in the harshest conditions. This compass is designed to be portable and space-saving. It can be easily stored in your bag or even in a pocket of your vest or pants.

With its compact and somewhat vintage style, this compass is reminiscent of old localization equipment. Except that it is a very reliable device, with which you do not risk getting lost in the middle of nature. The lens of its body acts as a magnifying glass to better read dials and directions, improving reading accuracy.

With its luminescent display, this camping equipment is operational even in a low-light environment. The line of sight and angle, slope and distance conversion maps make it very practical.

This digital compass is perfect to take with you for camping, hiking, trekking or even an exploration trip. With its small size and solid construction, it is very light and fun to use.

Features :

Type of device: portable
Size: 100 X 66 X 66 X 34 mm
Brand name: KINSMIRAT
Material Housing: steel
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Advantages :

- Reliable compass
- Robust and compact

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