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Venom extractor


You've probably seen people suck the venom out of their mouths after a snake or spider bite in the movies. Know that it is only a myth and the fact of practicing this operation with the mouth is likely to poison you in your turn. To help you in this kind of task, it is better to use a venom extractor like the one presented on this model.

This product has been specially designed to help you eliminate, in a painless way, substances injected by poisonous insects or animals. It is composed of a vacuum pump and a suction cup that you will have to apply directly on the wound in order to suck the venom.

This venom extractor works with all types of toxins whether they come from wasps, grazes or ants. It can also act in case of a bite of poisonous animals like snakes or spiders. After a quick use, this venom extractor offers the possibility to relieve immediately and reduce pain or swelling formation.
To ensure your safety during your escapes

in wild environment, it is advised always to bring a device like this venom extractor. Be aware, however, that medical advice is always necessary. Following aspiration of the toxin, move quickly to the nearest medical centre for diagnosis and possible further treatment.

Features :
Type : Venom pump

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