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Keep your drink at a constant temperature with this beautiful stainless steel thermos. The use of this cup also gives you the opportunity to preserve all the flavour and aroma of your drink.

This thermos is made from high quality stainless steel. This material is recognized by experts as an excellent thermal insulator. This is why it is able to maintain the temperature of your drink at a constant level, whether it is hot or cold, for up to 24 hours.

The use of this thermos with thermal insulation is within everyone's reach. Its cover can be easily lifted with a push button. It is also equipped with a pouring spout allowing you to drink your coffee with simplicity. As you want to drink your drink quickly, it can be easily unscrewed and drunk directly from the cup.

Elegant with a retro and modern appeal, but extremely functional, this isothermal thermos is perfect for being a travel cup. In addition, it has a lightweight, compact design and is easy to transport. It is hermetically sealed to keep your beverage free of impurities. It also gives you the opportunity to keep all your files safe because in the event of an accident, this cup does not spill any drops on your table.

Features :

- Vacuum and thermos vials CIQ, CEE, CE / EU, SGS certification
- Type of vacuum bottle
- Thermal insulation performance 12-24 hours
- Ecological characteristic
- Coating material made of stainless steel

Advantages :

- Elegant design
- Robust thermos

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