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Leather hiking shoes


Are you looking for light hiking boots that are also practical for wet and rough terrain? This pair of sturdy boots has been reinforced with high-quality materials to allow you to conquer any territory.

The rubber sole of these hiking boots adheres perfectly to any type of ground. These shoes will thus give you a better support, facilitating your movement on rocky or sloping grounds. Their strength has been reinforced by special inserts, notably the preformed toe cap and its PU leather upper surface.

Made with a combination of leather and breathable mesh, this pair of boots can be worn for years before showing signs of wear. These materials are particularly resistant to abrasion, they do not risk tearing due to friction against rocks. In addition, these shoes are water resistant and dry quickly, no risk of mold forming inside.

The design of these hiking boots has been designed to leave enough space for your toes to move without constraint. Plus, they're comfortable enough to wear for miles on end.

Features :
Material Lining: Cotton fabric
Sole material: Rubber
Width of the shoe: Average (b, m)
Level of Practice: Professional
Breathable, Waterproof
Type of closure: Laces
Sex: Men
Superior material: PU

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