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Kit of 5 aluminium snap hooks


Most people who go camping hope to have a good time. Yet life in the wild can sometimes be hard enough, especially to keep your food and belongings safe. The use of accessories such as this Kit of 5 aluminum snap hooks can facilitate your task in this kind of situation.

This kit of 5 aluminum snap hooks will allow you to keep your food supply above the trees to avoid attracting predatory animals during your camping periods. Made entirely of aluminum alloy, these accessories can perfectly support the weight of your beverage packs or even your travel bag. In addition, this kit of 5 aluminum snap hooks will help you stretch and secure the rope of your tent during your getaways in the wilderness. You can use them as coat hangers or coat hangers to dry your clothes. In everyday life, these carabiners will make perfect key rings to hold your trousseaux if you have several.

Note that this Kit of 5 aluminum snap hooks has been designed in materials particularly resistant to bad weather such as humidity. It is not sensitive to rust, you can use it for years before showing any signs of wear.

It should be known that this Kit of 5 aluminum snap hooks is not adapted to climbing sports like mountaineering. It is advisable to seek professional advice to adopt the proper safety equipment in such cases.

Features :
Product type: carabiner for camping
Size: 8 X 4 cm
Material: aluminum

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