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Portable urinal


No more desperate quests for clean toilets or hidden corners in nature! With this portable urinal, you can always relieve yourself whether at the heart of a festival, during a sports activity or in a carnival.

This portable urinal is to take everywhere you go, it is used inside and outside, standing for most, sitting or lying down for others. To be available whenever needed, this accessory can be stored in a backpack, in the trunk of your car or in a glove compartment.

This portable urinal is made from an unbreakable material with a waterproof cap. It also comes with a female adapter to help these ladies relieve themselves without complexes. This last is positioned like a funnel by forming a joint with the body, without having to remove skirt or trousers. It is thus suitable for both men and women and adapts to all morphologies. Its handle combined with its pistol shape is practical and comfortable to use.

Its hermetic seal allows you to safely store your urine until the next emptying. The unit can be washed for later use or thrown in the garbage. Containing up to 1000 ml of liquid, its large capacity ensures you are ready to face all your emergencies.

Features :
Material: Plastic
Size: 1000 mL
Color: White + Blue

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