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Glowing Fishing Light Stick


Luminous Float Lights are a great mid-sized glow stick and are very popular with fishermen, campers and for use in compact emergency and safety kits!

Fishing Float Chemical Light are individually packaged and a tube and tape for attachment to line or rod tip is included. The 3 Inch Glow Stick is excellent for fishing, small emergency kits, using as a campsite glow stick to mark your tent posts or night trail marking or for any time you may require a bright, compact, water-proof, non-heat producing light source! And if you want to use them for party lighting or crafting, we won't judge! 

Fishing Light Stick is an economical, compact glowing stick that packs a lot of light into a small size!


  • High-Quality Fishing Lighting stick.
  • To activate: Bend gently until you heara snap, shake to mix chemicals.
  • Put it on the float, pole end and the parts under the water.
  • Perfect glow in the dark fishing floats for night fishing
  • Type Fishing Light Stick. 
  • Plastic Type Plastic Float. 
  • Material: Plastic. 


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