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10 Meter Type III Rope For Camping & Climbing


Lovers of extreme sports will confirm it to you, it is important to bring a quality equipment when one practices activities in full nature as climbing. Included in the military standard, this type III rope must absolutely be part of your equipment for your camping days.

This climbing rope has been woven with multi-strand nylon, a strong and friction resistant component. You can perfectly use it for all your outdoor activities whether climbing a mountain or hiking in caves. It should be known that this accessory is able to support the weight of a person exceeding 200 kg, you can quite cling to it without any risk for your safety.

Besides climbing, this type III rope can also be used to tie your tent or hang your belongings on trees to prevent them from attracting wild animals during your camping days. Its resistance is such that it can be used to replace the strings of your parachute. On this point, however, it is advisable to consult the advice of a specialist to avoid any accident. This climbing rope is available in several colors, you choose the one you prefer or the one that best suits your activity.

Features :

  • Type of item: climbing rope 
  • Colors: 100 different colors 
  • Length: 10 m
  • Weight : 350 g

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