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Ultra-light sleeping bag


What could be more annoying on your travels and expeditions than carrying several pieces of luggage with you? This ultra-light sleeping bag would probably be useful in this kind of situation.

As its name suggests, this sleeping bag is extremely light, it is certain to take up little space in your things or in the trunk of your car. In addition, to make it easier to move, it is equipped with a carrying bag with adjustable straps that you can easily grasp it with.

Made from ultra-resistant polyester, this ultra-light sleeping bag is incredibly comfortable because it is padded with high quality cotton. In addition, it is spacious and long enough to accommodate a medium-sized adult. In addition, in order to satisfy you in your purchase, it is available in 5 different colours. You will thus have a wide choice of sleeping bags adapted to your tastes and preferences.

With this sleeping bag, you will spend a gentle night under the stars as nylon is known to be a draught blocker. Unlike other models such as those of the military, this one can be perfectly compressed, it is ideal for hiking or travel. No matter when you plan to use it, it is perfect for any season.

Features :
- Material: 100% Polyester
- Brand: LIXADA.
- Size: 190 * 75cm.
- Standard length (suitable for a height of 1.8 m and below).
- Comfortable temperature scale[15℃~5℃].
- Filling: cotton.
- Color: Blue / Navy blue / Orange / Burgundy / Military green

Advantages :

- Soft and comfortable bag
- Easy to deploy

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