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Camping kitchen set


Make your life in the wilderness easier with this camping kitchen set, a perfectly light and space-saving set of utensils.

This camping kitchen set is made up of essential utensils to prepare good meals, even in the middle of nature. In this set, you have a pot, which can also be used as a kettle, a frying pan and a coffee maker. These accessories fit perfectly together and therefore take up a small space in your travel bag. When properly stored, they occupy a volume of only 1.1 L in your package.

With this camping kitchen set, take the bare minimum with you to cook in the heart of nature, enjoying a comfort almost comparable to that of your kitchen. These utensils are made of anodized aluminum, with a matte black finish. So they are very conductive accessories. This reduces cooking time.

This set of kitchen utensils also includes a ladle and a spoon, because service and presentation should not be neglected, even under the stars. This kitchen kit is designed to be absolutely light, a hiker's luggage is already heavy.

This set of anodized aluminum utensils comes with a nylon bag with a hanging cord. This small addition allows you to hang the kit and is contained on the outside of your bag. This increases your storage capacity and gives you easy access to your pots and pans when you need them urgently.

Features :

  • Materials: anodized aluminum, plastic 
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Kit for: 2 or 3 people
  • The set includes: 

- A pot
- A frying pan
- A kettle
- A bowl
- A ladle
- One tablespoon
- A bag
- A luffa sponge

Advantages :

- Light and conductive utensils
- Compact design

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