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High capacity stainless steel water bottle


If you are tired of drinking cold coffee or warm fruit juices, this bottle will probably help you. It is perfectly capable of keeping the temperature of the drink you are introducing into it.

This splendid, high-capacity, high quality bottle is made of high quality, unbreakable stainless steel. Thanks to the double wall that insulates you, the storage of the drink at the same temperature can last up to 12 hours for cold drinks and 24 hours for hot drinks. This option also prevents the transfer of the liquid temperature to the outside of the bottle.

This water bottle is coated with an anti-corrosion powder to protect it from rust and to provide it with long-lasting use. In order to satisfy its buyers, it is available in 4 different colours, as well as two sizes are at your disposal. In addition, in order to guarantee the purity of your drink, it has been equipped with a tea filter.

This water bottle is extremely light and easy to transport, and it also has a holder on the lid as long as the water is boiling. With this durable and reusable bottle, you actively contribute to reducing the disposal of disposable bottle waste. In this way, you will save your portfolio and your nature in the long term.

Features :
- Beverage type water bottles
- Ecological characteristic
- Anti-corrosion coating equipped with
- Color: Black, Red, Silver and Army Green
- Capacity: 610ml and 800ml
- Weight: about 500g / 550g
- Thermal insulation performance
- Material: Stainless steel

Advantages :

- Ergonomic bottle
- Elegant design

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