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8.5L Foldable camping bucket


When camping, it is necessary to have a small basin to be able to look for drinking water and bring it back to his camp. The problem with this type of container is that they take up a lot of space in your tent or vehicle. Using an accessory like this folding camping bucket may well be the solution to this problem. Being perfectly waterproof, this article is all you need for your hygiene, to wash your utensils or your food.

This foldable camping bucket can be used at home or outdoors. During camping, it is possible to use it to wash, to transport water from a river to your camp or to wash your food. You can also use it to remove sand from your children's feet at the beach. If you go fishing, it is also possible to keep your catch in this foldable camping bucket to keep them cool while waiting for their preparation.

Made from a waterproof material, this folding camping bucket can hold up to 8.5 liters of water, enough to prepare your breakfast in a camp. Weighing only 68 grams, it is lighter than a normal bucket and can be folded into your travel bag to make it easier to carry.

Features :
Material: waterproof fabric inside, Nylon outside
Size: 30 x14cm/11 x 5.5in
Capacity: 8,5 L
Color: Red/Black
Weight : 68 g/2.4oz

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