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Camping kettle


Even when camping, a minimum of comfort is necessary to fully enjoy the landscape. This camping kettle brings warmth, flavor and convenience wherever you go.

When it comes to camping or climbing, this compact and easy to carry kettle is the minimum you should take with you for hot water or to prepare certain foods. It is made of anodized aluminum, which means that its wall is highly conductive and effectively promotes cooking of water... and any other food placed inside.

The shape of this camping kettle imitates that of a coffee machine, with some differences. This utensil is larger and stronger but has a more stable base. The spout is much shorter, to limit overflows and facilitate the use of the container. A flat lid with a small non-conductive cap, well protected from heat, adorns the top of the kettle. The handle is also covered with a protective layer against the risk of scalding with water or boiling food.

All the components of this camping kettle have been shaped to make it a reliable ally of any camper and adventurer. A few minutes are enough to heat water or food thanks to its very thin wall. Its moving handle and shape have been designed to make it easy to carry and store in your luggage. This kettle comes with its own transport net.

Features :

Product: Camping kettle
Material: Anodised aluminum
Size: 150 x 80 mm
Volume: 1.1 L
Weight: 195 g

Advantages :


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