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Cooking utensil for camping

An outdoor trip is always a good idea to relax. The experience is even more beneficial if you are properly equipped. This camping cooking utensil will be particularly essential for you.

When hiking or camping, nothing beats a breath of fresh air and green landscapes to recharge your batteries. Being isolated in the middle of nature also means abandoning the usual comfort of home. Nevertheless, with this versatile camping cookware, you'll have enough to prepare good meals, even in the middle of nowhere.

This kitchenware is made of anodized aluminum, a strong and lightweight material. Its incredibly smooth and thin surface makes it a very conductive utensil, therefore very sensitive to cold and heat. With such a tool, cooking a good vegetable soup or heating an instant soup will take a few minutes. You could even prepare a dish of freshly caught game on site or prepare a fish stew just out of the water, with fine herbs and other ingredients taken from the wild.

Before you can improvise as a cordon bleu in the middle of nature, you must be able to take this utensil with you on your expeditions. On this point, you have nothing to fear. This set of pots + frying pan + plate is indeed very compact. You can hang it on the outer ropes of your bag or place it in the tent compartment.

Features :
Material: anodized aluminum
Pot size: 122 mm x 105 mm
Cover size: 115 mm x 60 mm

Advantages :

- Versatile utensil
- Design and lightweight equipment

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