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Camping kitchen utensils


Need a complete tool to cook your meals while camping or hiking? The VILEAD brand offers this easy-to-use, robust and space-saving camping kitchen utensils.

A camper, whether experienced or beginner, remains a living being with high and varied nutritional needs. These camping kitchen utensils are designed to help with trekking, camping, and exploration lovers prepare delicious and nutritious food, even in the wilderness.

Their design was thought to facilitate their transport. Thus, these utensils - which have no less than 3 pieces - fit together perfectly and occupy very little space in travel bags. In this lot, you will have a real kettle, a pot - or a pot - to cook soups and other dishes, as well as a frying pan with which you could grill or sauté some meat or herbs, picked in the forest.

Made of aluminum alloy, these kitchen utensils are shock and heat resistant. Aluminum is also known for its lightness and flexibility. These tools are equipped with a foldable handle, covered with silicone. This protection reduces the risk of burns while optimizing the ergonomics and portability of the utensil.

This set of three camping kitchen utensils is ideal for 3 to 4 people. You can get together as a group to go on an adventure and prepare good meals. You will have no trouble preparing a good tea or a few cups of coffee, or even complete hunter's menus with these tools.

Features :
Product: camping kitchen utensils
Composition: stove, pot, kettle
Number of persons: 3 to 3 persons
Material: aluminum alloy

Advantages :
Robust and easy to carry
Versatile utensils

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