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Multifunctional whistle 7 in 1

No more getting lost in the forest with this 7 in 1 multifunction whistle, this little accessory could save you if you ever get lost in the middle of a hike or have an accident.

This 7 in 1 multifunctional whistle has been designed to be an essential survival tool for camping, but not only. Anyone who travels frequently or lives in an isolated corner can find valuable help with this tool. It is a 7 in 1 accessory designed to help you cope with the most extreme situations.

At first glance, this multifunctional tool looks like a telescope or monocular. Except that in reality, it is a set of survival and emergency equipment fused into a single structure. Thus, you have a whistle at the head of this accessory, which can be detached from the main body. At sea, on land or in the mountains, you can whistle as loudly as you can with this whistle and get the help you need in case of an accident.

And if you are unlikely to be heard, you can use the mirror, using sunlight, to signal your position. The compass, on the other hand, is used to show you the path you should take if you start going in circles, it is completely reliable.
This 7 in 1 multifunction whistle is also equipped with a magnifying glass with a magnification of 5x, this allows you to have a clear picture of your situation. Other useful functions such as a thermometer, match storage and a flashlight are also included.


- 7 in 1 survival whistle with
- Storage for matches
- Thermometer (Fahrenheit & Celsius)
- Magnifier 5X
- Mirror for signalling
- White LED flashlight
- Compass.
- The LED flashlight module has a button switch and uses replaceable 2x CR1220 lithium batteries (included). Cord included.

Advantages :

- 7 in 1 Survival Tools
- Space-saving and robust

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