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Kit with 101 first aid parts


Traditional medicine boxes are often delivered empty. This kit with 101 first aid parts deviates from this rule and is ready for use after delivery.

This kit with 101 pieces of first aid is a very practical emergency equipment for those who need to go to an isolated or unknown place in an emergency. In this case, there is no need to make a detour to the local pharmacy or drugstore. Just take this medical kit with you in your luggage and leave with a clear conscience.

This first aid kit with 101 operational parts is displayed in a relatively ordinary style. The characteristic white cross on the medicine boxes is present, as is the bright colour (red, green or military camouflage) of the container, so that it can be quickly identified if necessary.

Its content is its main asset. Inside, you will receive first aid equipment and items with the kit, such as a safety chisel, adhesive tape, sanitized gauze, alcohol patches, cotton swabs, medical grade mouth masks, antiseptic swabs and some pins.

This ready-to-use first aid kit is intended especially for families wishing to properly equip themselves for a stay in unknown territory. The small bag is made of double-layer polyester, a waterproof and good preservative material. With this kit, you will have peace of mind when travelling with your children.

Features :

Product : Ready to use kit
Contents: Adhesive tape, safety scissors, pins, mouth masks, swabs, swabs, sterile gauze, alcohol patches
Material: Polyester and medical equipment

Advantages :

- Waterproof and ready-to-use first aid kit
- Available in several color formats

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