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2 in 1 Hiking Pants


It is important to be well prepared before going on a hike. Besides the equipment, it is also necessary to think of wearing light and practical clothes for a long walk. These 2 in 1 hiking pants are among the best outfits to adopt in this kind of situation.

These 2 in 1 hiking pants have been specially designed to make your days in the wild easier. Being essentially a quick-drying polyester, you can wear it in the heart of the forest without fear of wet places or precipitation. It is also easy to wash and its smooth texture makes it difficult to adhere to dirt.

Note that these 2-in-1 hiking pants can quickly turn into shorts so you don't die from the heat in the heart of the vegetation. All you have to do is detach the lower part at knee level with a zip fastening system. You can put them back at night to avoid mosquito bites.

All the components of these 2 in 1 pants have been made to help you while hiking. It is equipped with several large pockets where you can store your food while walking. Light and comfortable, you must absolutely wear this type of clothing if you intend to trot for hours under the sun.

Features :
Product type: hiking pants
Material: polyester

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