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Solar Firelighter


If you are an experienced camper, you probably know how difficult it is to light a fire in the middle of nature. With an accessory such as the solar firelighter, this task will seem as simple as reciting the letters of the alphabet.

This solar firelighter has been specially designed to help you start a fire, even if the wind is strong enough. To do this, it captures the sun's rays and focuses them on the twigs you place on the center of the disc. This way, you can start a fire in minutes, without the need for a lighter or matches. Its use is simple, you just have to place twigs or straw inside the spring placed in the middle of the disc. All you have to do is orient it to capture as much sunlight as possible and you're done.

This solar firelighter is made from high-quality aluminum. It is perfect for use in nature, this device does not fear rust or moisture in the woods. It also offers you a better safety of use, this solar firelighter allows you to avoid the risks of accidents or fires which can be caused by the gas of the lighter.

Apart from starting a fire, this accessory can quite well be used to light a cigar and why not as a mirror. The metal of which it is composed is perfectly reflective offering you a pure and easily discernible reflection.

Features :
Type of article : Solar Fire Lighter
Material: Aluminium
Diameter: 9.7 cm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight : 65 g

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