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MINIWELL personal water filter


Drinking water anywhere is not good for your health: that's a fact. So what if you are lost in the wild and still need to rehydrate? This MINIWELL personal water filter is the key.

This MINIWELL personal water filter is made of medical grade ABS UF plastic and silicone. It is a small technical marvel, capable of filtering 2000 litres of water without using iodine or chemicals. Every minute, it cleanses 0.6 litres of water, removing almost all impurities.

Its principle is simple. This filter looks like a simple tube with a sophisticated but high-performance filtering mechanism inside. Simply suck the water through the specially designed nozzle to rehydrate properly and safely, even in an isolated environment.

This filtration system does not require power supply, batteries or spare parts. Easy to use, just put water in a bottle, place the filter on the tip, let the water pass and drink. You can also use the small hose supplied with this product.

Ideal for family, friends and many others, everyone can use this portable water filter. It is perfect for camping, outdoor sports, travel and hiking. It is also a necessary tool for your emergency kits at home, at work or in the car.

Features :

Type: Water filter.
Brand name: MINIWELL
Filtration pore size: 0.1 micron.
Size: 40 X 136 mm.
Weight: 40 g.
Filtration capacity: 2000 Liters.
Water flow rate: 0.6L/min.
Materials: Medical grade ABS UF and silicone.
Name: Portable water filter.
Application method: with a fresh water source.
Type: camping equipment, outdoor activities, emergency survival tools.

Advantages :

- High-performance filter
- Easy to use and use

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